AlgoStrats:FX is a portfolio of Forex Trading Systems actively managed by Marco Mayer
that you can follow on a subscription basis for educational purposes.

Real Money, Real Trades

Marco trades all signals of AlgoStrats:FX using a real money trading account at LMAX Exchange with 100% Transparency as you will be able to see the results of the live account updated at the end of each trading day.

Continuous Improvement

Profit directly from Marco's continuous Research and Development process as new ideas, features and Trading Systems will be added to AlgoStrats:FX on a regular basis.

Diversified Systems

Profit from diversification, the holy grail of Systematic Trading. Instead of relying on one System, AlgoStrats:FX uses a portfolio of diversified trading systems that follow different approaches in the markets.

Active System Management

Markets change. A Trading System might stop working or need to be adapted to new market conditions. All systems and markets are continuously monitored to see if changes are necessary.

Risk Management

Risk Management is implemented on a portfolio-level, automatically considering changes in market volatility and correlations between systems and markets.

Web Apps

Use the AlgoStrats Web Applications to automatically get the position size calculated for each signal to fit your account size and risk preferences.

AlgoStrats:FX Video

Watch the video to learn more about the Features of AlgoStrats:FX and what makes it unique:

  • Daily Forex Trading Dashboard Updates
  • Follow AlgoStrats:FX €10.000 Live Trading Account
  • Position Sizing Web App
  • Access to internal Blog
  • Direct Support from Marco
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AlgoStrats:FX Development Process

  • Research & Development

    Marco's proprietary market research and system development platform allows him to analyze data from unconventional perspectives and come up with innovative ideas and systems.

  • Validation

    Less than 1% of potential trading system candidates pass Marco's very strict validation process. This process includes statistical validation, out of sample as well as live testing.

  • Integration

    Once a new System is ready, it is added to the system portfolio only if it really helps to decrease risk and improve overall performance, considering correlations to existing systems.

  • Monitoring

    As his backtests consider trading costs, market liquidity, BID/ASK spread and multiple data sources are used, there are hardly any surprises. Still Marco keeps a close eye on any abnormalities.

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  • Daily AlgoStrats:FX Signals
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  • Position Sizing Tool
  • AlgoStrats:FX Blog
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AlgoStrats:FX FAQ

Questions? We have the Answers. If not, let us know.

Yes, we sometimes open up AlgoStrats:FX for a Free Trial period. You can sign up here, it's 100% free and you'll get informed whenever there's a free trial.

AlgoStrats:FX allows you to follow our trades for educational purposes using the trading Dashboard. The Dashboard is updated every day at the same time Marco places his orders trading the AlgoStrats:FX live trading account.

Currenty we don't offer Auto Trading, but thanks to the Position Sizing Web-App integrated on the Dashboard your position sizes are calculated automatically making it an easy task to follow the trades. It really doesn't take more than a couple of minutes every day. But we might offer fully automated trading solutions in the future!

MO-FR between 16:00 and 16:05 NY time. All trading activity is focused on that time period. And that's really it, there's nothing to do in between or on Sundays.

If you can't be online during that time but shortly after you can still follow the trades but might of course get slightly different results.

Yes, you can subscribe to an email alert list and you will get an email immediately when the Dashboard is updated.

Currently all major currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD) and some of the crosses. We do not trade USD/CHF or any CHF crosses.

AlgoStrats:FX is focused on short term day and swing trades. So most trades are closed within 1-7 days.

Yes, simply sign up here to get a free trial account. Once you did you can login here and see the daily updated Live Account Performance.
Yes, all trading decisions are 100% systematic. There's no discretion involved, expect during extreme events (Brexit) when we might decide to stop trading or temporarily lower the risk.

We're using different approaches with the goal to find reliable lowly correlated short-term trades. These include:
  • Momentum/Breakout/Trend
  • Mean Reversion
  • Price/Chart Patterns
  • Market Statistics/Seasonal Pattern
For each of these Strategies there are various Systems at work to exploit these Edges. The actual Systems are mostly based on price action and custom indicators.

All of the Systems "make sense" and have a sound idea behind them. Also each System needs to pass a very strict development process and most systems have to work in a broad range of currency markets. This way data mining and curve fitting problems are minimized.

Online Support

As a subscriber you get access to a our help section, where you can find all the support you need to get started.

Direct Support

Whenever you need help you can email Marco directly as a subscriber, there's no 2nd level support team in between.


If you didn't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate and email us.

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