Systematic Trader, Head Of AlgoStrats

Marco is a full time systematic trader and the head behind AlgoStrats.

  • 10+ years of trading experience in the markets
  • 10+ years of trading system development and market research experience
  • 15+ years of experience in software development, data management and data science in the financial industry
  • Member of TradingEducators.com since 2008
  • Having extensive experience as both a Trader and a Quant is a rare set of skills and a big advantage in todays markets. Thanks to this unique skill set, Marco has full control over all parts of his Systematic Trading and each of the AlgoStrats products and services. This way there is literally no friction between the different parts of trading systems research and development and the actual trading in the markets.

    About Marco

    Marco Mayer started trading in 1999, at the age of nineteen, by placing his first trades in the German stock markets. A few years later he started to actively trade futures in the U.S. and European markets.

    After years of failing to make money trading with all the commonly taught methods, like technical analysis, candlestick-patterns, and the standard indicators, his understanding of the markets turned upside down when Marco met Joe Ross in 2005. After receiving extensive personal training from Joe, he started to approach the markets in the right ways, and his trading finally became successful.

    In 2008, when Joe recognized Marco’s exceptional talent and success as a trader, he invited Marco to join him as a teacher at Trading Educators. Since then, Joe’s teachings have been a huge inspiration for Marco, especially in tough trading times.

    As soon as private traders were able to get involved in the forex-markets under acceptable conditions, Marco became heavily involved in the 24-hour spot forex-markets, and trading currencies became his focus.

    Before becoming a full-time trader, Marco worked as a professional in financial information technology for over fifteen years. This allowed him to see in detail what's actually going on behind the "black boxes" of the electronic markets, how trading works on an institutional level, what tools and techniques are used, and how they’re applied in the professional world.

    With his strong IT-background in financial software development, it was logical that he soon started to develop and test his trading ideas and systems using his skills as a software developer. He quickly realized that systematic trading is the kind of trading that would really work for him long-term, and where he felt the most comfortable. From there on he focused on systematic trading, and since then has never looked back!

    Currently, Marco uses his own proprietary backtesting and automated trading solutions that allow him to go into depths of quantitative trading and risk-management models that are beyond the limits of the available retail backtesting software packages.

    Most of his trading nowadays occurs by running his own trading systems in a diverse universe of markets around the globe, with a strong focus on currencies.

    Marco not only loves to trade, but has also discovered his passion for teaching and helping others to become successful traders, especially since he’s well aware, from his own experience, how crucial it is to have professional support from a real trader who himself has gone down the tough road to successful trading. Thanks to his being able to automate most of his trading, Marco is freed up to be an active teacher and mentor at Trading Educators.

    In 2016 Marco launched AlgoStrats.com and his first managed systems portfolio AlgoStrats:FX.


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