Marco Mayer

Learn more about the Head of AlgoStrats, Marco Mayer

Marco Mayer


Trader, Head of AlgoStrats

Marco is the head Trader of AlgoStrats and the brain behind all of our systems and services.

  • 15+ years of trading experience with a focus on Forex and Futures
  • 10+ years of system development and quantitative market research experience
  • 20+ years of experience in software development and data science in the financial industry
  • Expert for forex, futures and systematic trading at Trading Educators since 2008

Having extensive experience as both a Trader and a Quant is a rare set of skills and a big advantage in today's markets.


Marco Mayer started trading in 1999, at the age of nineteen, by placing his first trades in the German stock markets. A few years later he started to actively trade futures in the U.S. markets.

Still having trouble to trade profitably consistently his understanding of the markets turned upside down when Marco met Joe Ross in 2005. After receiving extensive personal training from Joe, he started to approach the markets differently and his trading finally became successful. In 2008, when Joe recognized Marco’s exceptional talent and success as a trader, he invited Marco to join him as a mentor at Trading Educators.

As soon as private traders were able to get involved in the forex markets under acceptable conditions, Marco became heavily involved in trading currencies which then quickly became one of his favorite markets.

Marco not only loves to trade but has also discovered his passion for teaching and helping others to become successful traders. Especially as he learned from his own experience, how crucial it is to have professional support from a real trader who himself has gone down the tough road to successful trading.

In 2014 Marco quit his part-time job in the financial industry and since then has been a full-time trader and entrepreneur. In 2016 he launched AlgoStrats.

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