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Take advantage of Marco Mayer's extensive knowledge and skills as a Trader and Quant

Marco Mayer


Trader, Head of AlgoStrats

Marco is the head Trader of AlgoStrats and the brain behind all of our systems and services.

  • 15+ years of trading experience with a focus on Forex and Futures
  • 10+ years of system development and quantitative market research experience
  • 20+ years of experience in software development and data science in the financial industry
  • Expert for forex, futures and systematic trading at Trading Educators since 2008

Having extensive experience as both a Trader and a Quant is a rare set of skills and a big advantage in today's markets. Learn more about Marco and check out his bio.

Private Mentoring

Take your Trading to the next Level and learn all about:

Market Internals

Nowadays many traders come into the markets knowing everything about certain chart patterns and indicators but have no idea what's actually driving the prices they're looking at. To come up with sound trading ideas and have confidence in them you need a good understanding of the internals, participants and structure of the markets you're trading.

Look behind the charts

Go beyond the technical analysis mumbo-jumbo and learn how to read price charts and volume in a simple but actually useful way. Learn how to look behind the charts by understanding the order flow that's driving them. This will allow you to find trading opportunities with a low risk, high reward profile and come up with unique trading ideas.

Trading Basics

You're just starting out as a Trader or somehow never learned the basics of Forex and Futures Trading? Save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration by learning what you actually need to know to get started. What kind of orders are there, how do they work, what's the bid-ask spread and what do the charts you're looking at actually represent?

Trading as a Business

Trading is a Business and if you don't treat it as such you're really just gambling. Like in any other business you need a business plan and you need to learn how to execute it consistently to be a successful trader in the long run. Are you ready to take your trading seriously and learn how to run trading as a business?

Trade Management

It's easy to get into a trade but then what? Learn how to actually plan a trade so you always know the answer to that question before you actually get into a trade. Learn how to efficiently manage a trade, how to trade around a core position and how to apply stops and profit targets that make sense.

Risk Management

With risk being inherent to Trading, you need to be a good risk manager as a trader. Learn about the risks of trading and how to manage and mitigate them. This includes money management, position sizing and how to use these to not only protect your account but to also boost your profits.

Trading Psychology

Learn how to get into the right mindset to trade successfully. There's nothing more important than having a sound mind for a trader. Knowing how to detach from your emotions and employ a disciplined approach to trading will dramatically increase your odds of success. You'll also learn how to transform bad trading habits into good ones and how to deal with losses and drawdowns.

Learn to adapt

Markets do change all the time, often radically. Because of this, you have to be very adaptive as a trader and sometimes it can be really difficult to make the transition alone. Together we'll try to nail down what actually changed, what you can do to adapt to the change and come up with a solution that helps you to make happen what's needed to successfully adapt to the new situation.

Trading in the Zone

Together we will develop a trading plan and find the trading style that fits your lifestyle and personality. Not everyone can day trade on a daily basis due to time restrictions while other traders can't watch a trade for weeks due to their personality. This is why it's crucial to develop a trading plan that gives you the trading-life balance you need to be successful and happy in the long run.

Trading Performance

Whether you're already trading successfully or are barely breaking even, there's always room to improve. Together we'll go through your trades and analyze them to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Learn about how to improve your trade execution, entries and what kind of trades you should do more and which ones you better avoid.

Systematic Trading

You'd like to move your trading in a more systematic and quantitative direction? Learn how to develop robust trading systems from the ground up and avoid the common pitfalls like over-optimization. Also if you have an idea for a trading system but need help to implement it or want a quantitative report of an idea, look no further.

Quantitative Analysis

Are you looking for new ideas and trading setups in the markets that you’re currently trading? Marco can help you by applying his proprietary quantitative market analysis to spot new trading setups and create filters to improve your trading. Is a market more prone to breakouts or mean-reversion? If so in what time frames?


The Mentoring is always One-on-One and tailor-made for your needs.

We’ll communicate using Skype and e-mail. I will personally talk with you while sharing my screen or looking at yours, without any delays.

First, we will review your trading experience and goals, to pin down where you are right now. Then we will define your goals and plan the mentoring sessions necessary to reach them.

Of course, it’s best to talk first. A short, free pre-consultation call is available, which will help us to determine if my services fit your needs, and when and how we should start.

If you then decide to book my services I charge $200 per hour in the beginning.

Marco Skype

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